Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Westbaby keeps rearranging my piles of clean folded (but not yet put away) laundry. Usually into the dirty washing basket or the bath.

2. The combination of big changes to our routine (including Westboy stopping naps), coupled with important decisions has got me feeling anxious & overwhelmed.  This was a good reminder that I don't know what I'm doing, but that's ok, really. 

3. The loss of the nap also means that I have to be particularly 'high energy' and bouncy (which I so am not) in the afternoons to keep a whining Westboy awake until teatime. 

4. We're enjoying playing with this paper city from the fantastic Made by Joel blog.  I'm looking forward to making some toys from his new book too. 

5. I don't think I've ever bought slippers before. I'm much happier either being barefoot or wearing cosy socks around the house. (I knitted some slippers once, but that's kind of different). I found these for £3 in Asda though, & like them lots.

6. We visited Otterspool prom (surely one of the coldest places on earth?) with Heather and Dexter-dog. That cafe is so good... hot chocolate AND diggers??? Westboy feels obliged to rearrange the table numbers and takes ice cream orders off other customers however, which doesn't make it a very relaxing place to go. 

7. I had a mini-spending-splurge on CDs with Christmas money, so we now have Florence & the Machine, Snow Patrol, and Adele in the car (well, not literally).

8. Nobody say "isn't it nice that none of us are sick at the moment". Oops. Within hours of those words being spoken, Westbaby had vomited :(

9. I'm rediscovering fruit toast. It kept me going through the first year of Westboy's life.

10. I love it when people give me bits of ribbon. These were from my lovely sister & wonderful parents-in-law. I might've mentioned before (perhaps?!), I have an etsy shop

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  1. You should've said none of us IS sick then it would've been grammatically correct and the the grammar sick fairies wouldn't have struck. It's ok to hate your pedantic aunt. I'm taking on Auntie Frances' vibe but in a more "drinks too much then comments on everyone's punctuation" sort of way x