Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ten (not quite) on Tuesday

Playing along, a little late due to technical issues...

1. Westboy has been through disinterest, tolerance, suspicion & fear towards Westbaby since his arrival 9 months ago, but now seems to have decided that he quite likes him... ...and Westbaby adores his big brother. A very kind lady gave me a 2-child trolley at ASDA (they're like gold-dust). It was one of the cutest supermarket moments ever. 

2. I've made Hummingbird chocolate brownies to entice staff to Tom's team meeting. If that doesn't work, then nothing will!
3. Who needs a children's entertainer when you have helium-filled balloons?!? They kept the little ones happy all afternoon after my niece's Christening on Sunday. Lovely to see the rest of the Wests :-)

4. Westbaby created 4 loads of laundry with one projectile vomiting episode on Saturday. Bedding. Duvet. All the clothes he & I were wearing. And a pile of (previously) clean laundry. I needed a shower too. Generally, his reflux is much better though....

5. ...but what was I doing wearing a handwash-only cardigan with a refluxy baby?!?

6. I'm still dairy free, as it helps with the reflux. Usually. Most of the time it's fine, but using cadburys milk chocolate buttons for potty training is a real test of self-discipline.
7. Winter duvets, cozy socks & hats are back in use. Thermostat wars have begun.

8. Tuplers (weird abdominal exercises). 3 inches off my waist in 3 weeks. Amazing.

9. Westbaby is getting good at standing and has taken a couple of steps. He knows it's clever :-)

10. I had a wisdom tooth removed this week. I'm sure the dentist wished me Happy Christmas as I left. What?! It's still only October!

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