Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ten (nearly) on Tuesday: Fishy Sweets & Dinosaurs

1. Westboy went on a nursery trip last week. They went on a bus and a train to the museum, where they saw bugs and dinosaurs. He would've been thrilled with just the bus and train journeys, and was still grinning 2 days after the experience. It totally wore him out though, and he fell asleep on the buggy board on the way home.... I tried balancing the sleeping boy on the board as I went up and down kerbs, carrying him on my back while swerving the pushchair one-handed around dog poos and across roads, and finally settled on swapping the boys round. So there was a sleeping three-and-a-half year old in the pushchair, and a 13 month old riding on the buggy board. Westbaby LOVED it.

2. There's work going on in the house next door, so lots of building-noises during the day. The smell of the builders smoking somehow seems to fill my house too, which is not nice. Especially as I keep thinking that it's the washing machine about to explode or tea burning.

3. I discovered this blog this week, and love it. I was pretty obsessed with reading about midwifery-stuff even before having babies, and I think they've only increased that interest.

4. It's been a while since i gave anything up for lent. I think last time was when I was a postgrad student and I simultaneously gave up caffeine, make-up, and talking to a boy I really fancied (who is now my husband, so I probably shouldn't give up talking to him for 40 days). Anyway, this year I've signed up for 40Acts, in an attempt to focus on 'giving' instead of 'giving up'. I'm not managing to do every act, but I'm thinking more generously, so it's a step in the right direction. It's not too late to sign up if you like the idea of it and want to join in.
5. I haven't given up social media for lent, which might be why I like this article from Vicky Beeching's blog. (Anyone who has given it up probably hasn't read it, so it's likely to be a bit of a one-sided discussion really).

6. On an entirely different topic.... (that'll be potty training then) ...Westbaby now applauds whenever I go to the toilet (see 8).

7. This Seeds of Courage CD is fantastic. (I've linked to it before, although I've learnt to embed film clips since then, but it deserves another mention anyway because it truly is that good). It's verses of the Bible set to catchy yet remarkably non-cheesy music, aimed at kids, but I'm getting at least as much out of it as the boys. It's actually two identical CDs, the idea being to keep one and pass one on, which is just genius. The verses stick in your head, and are themed around courage, which has been much needed these past few weeks (Westboy's had assessments with a Speech & Language Therapist and Community Paediatrician, and my head's still spinning).

8. I've been giving Westboy Omega 3 supplements that look like shark-shaped jelly sweets. After dishing them out for a few days (& him eating them without complaint), I thought I'd check what they're like. Well, if you can imagine sardine-flavoured-Haribo, you'll be close. EEEEEeeeeeeeuuuw!!!

9. I read this article, arguing that having children might mean that writers and artists produce less, but that perhaps that isn't all bad. One quote that stood out for me was:
"It's not that I don't like a break now and then. I just don't buy the idea that the break is "because I'm worth it" or that I'm taking "the time to be me". What is "me", if not the sum of all my relationships and obligations?"
"Me-time" is something I've been pondering recently. I function so much better if I've had a break at the weekend, -ideally an hour to grab a coffee by myself and process my thoughts. I definitely need time by myself to recharge my energy and enthusiasm (typical introvert!). However, the idea that I might be more "me" when I'm preparing tea with Westbaby balanced on my hip and Westboy leaping around the kitchen than when I'm sitting in a cafe eating flapjack and reading a novel is an interesting (and challenging!) one.

10. And to finish, some photos of the loveliness that is brothers playing happily together. (well, in one of them Westboy is asleep and Westbaby is attacking him, but he's smiling so sweetly that we'll pretend that they're playing happily...)

Have a good week! Check what the other ten-on-tuesday-ers have written (Sarah, Jo, Lucy, Hannah & Britgirl), & give it a go if you like (that's aimed especially at Lyn and Laura this week!) :-)


  1. cute pictures, we have the seeds of courage cd too, its really good isn't it :) although at the moment i think it serves me more than willow ! thanks for the linky to the 40acts thingy, looks interesting and as you may have seen from my 10 I have been thinking about lent things and what to do or not ....
    H x

    1. Yep, the 40acts bit was partly in response to your 10 (as long as you can take them as suggestions and see what's realistic that day, with no pressure or guilt)

  2. Ooh is that me?!! If so, I feel honoured....and slightly under pressure lol :-)

    Helen, you just keep upping your game. I am now humming the Phillipians verse and pondering 'me time' as well as many other things. Can you not just give us one thing to chew over at a time lol!!

    Thank you as ever xx

  3. I love reading your 10 on Tuesday and keep thinking I should give it ago...maybe I'll be brave next week and try it x

  4. Forgot to say, the pictures are just beautiful. Stunning boys! Melts my heart to see them together. We should get our little men folk together one day!