Friday, 10 February 2012


Instagram shots from the last couple of weeks...

Mmmm... I seem to have done quite a lot of baking recently. Cupcakes, Marmalade cake, the Dedication cake, some flapjack, and a couple of loaves of bread. As Westbaby & I aren't eating dairy products, it means that the only cakes I can eat are ones I've made myself, which is a pretty powerful motivator to bake ;-)

I just liked these green garage doors!

This is part of a fantastic display at Westboy's nursery (he's at the far left in the middle row). Every child's silhouette is up on the wall, cut out of black card, lifesize (or possibly bigger? I'm not sure). They used an OHP and drew round the projected image, -or an enlarged photo if they wouldn't stay still (I'm guessing Westboy was one of those...!). 
It looks stunning.

Westboy and his Daddy looking out over the Mersey as a mist came rolling in across the river at sunset. Eerily quiet, freezing cold, and very beautiful.

The Billy Fury statue at the docks (lots of silhouettes this week!)

My phone lockscreen, for a challenge I was tagged into. A little bit of Orla Kiely loveliness
(actually a photo of some wrapping paper)

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