Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ten on Tuesday: Pancakes & Thai Curry

1. Westboy was ill yesterday, so we had to delay the start of half-term by a day. Westbaby was not impressed. He kept bringing his shoes and his brother's nursery bag to me.

2. Smartie sandwiches sound good. I obviously wouldn't put them in my child's lunchbox though. (Yup, that's totally hypocritical).

3. Some music...

 4. Being dairy-free on Shrove Tuesday is a pain. I experimented with oat milk this year. Not entirely successfully.

5. We went for a very cold walk round the windsurfing lake in West Kirby on Saturday. (More photos to follow, later this week). Sunny, but achingly cold. I still hadn't quite defrosted by bedtime.

6.  The Very Lazy Co (the ones who make Very Lazy Garlic and Very Lazy Ginger) have started making Very Lazy Thai Green Curry paste. It's wonderful stuff, so I stocked up when it was on special offer. It's the kind of thing I always intend to make from scratch, but have never managed.

7. More music. Elbow this time. (I saw them play live over ten years ago now, which makes me feel pretty old). This is sublime...

8. I'm reading "How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk" by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. It's excellent, and one I reckon I'll come back to repeatedly over the next few years.

9. I like this necklace but initially thought it was made out of lego. Which might work quite well actually...

10. I love this letter to mums. At the moment I'm thinking lots about this bit: 
"We live in a culture that doesn't value a slow and steady approach to living and certainly not childhood". 
And I'll leave you with this excerpt: 
"God knows the burdens you bear as a mother. If it's Jesus you want to be more like can I encourage you with this - Jesus is in the nose wiping, dirty bum changing, the floor washing, the night time nursing, the mommy snuggles, the tears (theirs and yours). Jesus was a servant and so are you. In the day to day life of mothering you are closer to Him than you realize. You are in a holy place."

Have a good week! Check what the other ten-on-tuesday-ers have written (
Sarah, Jo, Lucy, Hannah & Britgirl), & give it a go if you like :-)


  1. Sooo helpful as ever Helen. Will take a look at that book too - sounds great!

    1. Thanks Lyn. The "give it a go if you like" comment is partly aimed at you ;-)

  2. I love the link in point 10. Such a wonderful letter. Thanks for sharing, it's so encouraging isn't it. Thanks Helen