Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Tonight both boys were in bed and asleep by 7.30pm, and Tom went back for seconds of lentil dahl. #somethingveryweirdisgoingon

2. Even more weirdly, why are Sarah and I simultaneously craving lentil dahl???

3. It was Westboy's dedication on Sunday, and we had grandparents and friends visiting. It was lovely to see everyone & we had a great time. And now I need a weekend to recover.

4. Most people advise waiting for warm weather to do potty training, so that the trainee can run around half-naked without getting too cold. Well, we certainly aren't following that advice. Westboy's getting very adept at adding and removing layers of clothing, however.

5. Yes, the photo is of the WRONG CHILD!!! Westbaby passes Westboy toys and puts hats on his brother's head while he's sitting on the potty. 

6. (...And I really did cover the lounge floor with plastic. It was a great way of avoiding vacuuming for a week, I may try it again sometime).

7. Westboy & Daddy went to Tesco. With the choice of the whole shop, Westboy decided to buy a toy car, a pizza, and mushrooms. Mushrooms???

8. I would like my children to be good and quiet and never embarrass me in public. I don't think that's going to happen though, or even that it's really the best thing to hope for. And maybe it's not a sign of poor parenting after all??  Here's hoping.

9. I keep hearing snippets about dodgy ethics behind mobile phones, but have been choosing to unhear them because I LIKE my iPhone very much, thank you.  Anyway, I can't keep burying my head in the sand, so I've signed the petition for Apple to make the iPhone 5 ethical. Ironically, from my iPhone.

10. We went to the Museum of Liverpool yesterday. The light was incredible, and as we were leaving a fog was rolling in from the Mersey. Stunning! (Westbaby was asleep, hence his absence from photos).

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