Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thirteen on Thursday

A late entry... The predictable consequence of half-term (no preschool), potty training Westboy & a poorly Westbaby.

1. You can generally tell how my week's going by how many "brownie in a mug"s I've made. We're running at one a day at the moment, which is baaaad.

2. I baked banana bread today (Partly to mask potty training odours).

3. Potty training. Urgh. Head here to see what Sarah's written. Timely advice round here, and reassurance that I'm not alone in getting the travel potty out in the weirdest of locations... Yesterday it was in the Mystery (Wavertree Park), attempting to use Westbaby's pushchair to shelter Westboy from passers-by and the icy cold wind. It turned out he didn't need to go after all. 

4. My meal plans are currently revolving around the slow cooker and fantastic new potato ricer.

5. I've been getting the boys to help me make gnocchi.
Potato-playdough, as far as they're concerned. (700-ish-g mash, 150g plain flour, a bit of salt. Mix. Roll into small balls & flatten with a fork. Chill. Tip into boiling water in a couple of batches. Drain when they float to the top. Serve with tomato sauce & bacon). 

6. A lovely friend had her baby shower on Saturday at the London Carriageworks. :-)


7. Random ASDA substitution: 1kg mushrooms instead of a butternut squash.

8. Westbaby applauds his big brother when he uses the potty, then pulls the step over to the sink for him to wash his hands, and passes him a towel to dry them...
I feel redundant.

9. I made one of these for Tom... I'm not sure how relaxing a massage can be with two small boys jumping on your head, but it's worth a try.

10. Westbaby said "apricot" this week (while I was chopping one up for him). His vocabulary generally consists of mama, dada, nana (Westboy), hello (when answering the phone), mwah (when kissing someone or wanting a kiss), and atchoo (when someone sneezes). So it was quite a leap from his usual range of words.

11. Rhubarb & custard Valentines day stained-glass window biscuits <3


12. A friend gave me one of these balls. It goes in the toilet to encourage small boys to wee 'accurately'. It was quite unnerving seeing it staring up each time I lifted the loo-seat, and I was contemplating taking a photo of it for on here. Sadly, before I did, I managed to flush it away. I don't think that's supposed to happen. I feel a mixture of guilt and relief.

13. There seemed to be a lot of dog poo on our walk to preschool last week... I counted (is that obsessive?!) And there were 29 along one road (roughly 600 metres). Grim.

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  1. helen is that your puppy??? i didn't know you had a dog? how cute :)