Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ten on Tuesday

A last-minute entry, linking up with the lovely ten-on-tuesday-ers: here, here and here.
1. Westboy was incredibly irritating last week. It turns out he was coming down with the D&V bug that's going round (a hideous double-whammy, where you think you're better and then it strikes again. Evil). And worse than a D&V bug? A D&V bug and a cough. So every time he coughed I thought he was going to vomit. I was very proud of my brainwave to tempt him to drink dioralyte by disguising it as a fruit shoot. They actually taste similarly grim. His choice of entertainment while lying on the sofa sobbing was Fred Dibnah's railway documentaries. I would honestly have prefered hours of 'beebies.

2. I found this lovely nativity set. We used it on crèche on Sunday, abandoning our usual strategy of using the same theme as the adults. (Judgement?? Hmmm... Let's skip to Christmas, right?!). I love this Russian-doll-style nativity set too.

3. Westbaby is walking & had his feet measured for the first time. Yikes, he's a toddler. That happened fast. 

4. My etsy shop is up and running!!! woooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo!!! I've had a lovely response to it, and it's been on my to do list for over a year, so just getting it done is wonderful. (...and in time for Christmas, so if you're looking for a gift for your sister, friend, mum, etc. head over and take a look... need to improve my self-promotion skills). I think I could lose myself in Etsy for several days, -so much beautiful stuff to see.

5. My current media fixes are Radio 6 during the day, Rev. & Strictly while washing up, Glee when tidying toys away, and the latest Lisa Hannigan album while driving (maybe not a great choice, given that one track is called 'Safe Travels (Don't Die)' and another 'Sleep'. Might need to stick another CD in the car...).

6. I've started doing my weekly food shop online. It's only marginally less stressful than Asda in a hailstorm with no suitable trolley and two small boys, as something always seems to go wrong at the payment stage. But at least I haven't ended up with 600 kilograms of onions, yet, which is always a possibility when you can't see what you're buying.
7. Autumn mirror (soon to be replaced by Christmas decorations, so better blog it before it's gone...)

8. Westbaby is like an Andrex puppy with thumbs. Any toilet roll he gets hold of ends up unrolled and shredded.
9. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I am incredibly excited about our new house-related purchase. A dehumidifier. I am fed up of wiping condensation off windows and mould from walls. And it's utterly fascinating, and really quite gross, seeing how much moisture it's able to suck out of the air in a fairly short amount of time.

10. Right, well, I'm used to the kind of writing where numerous academics pick apart every last punctuation mark and make you wait several years before what you've written goes public, so just hitting a 'publish' button is very unnerving, but here it goes....


  1. How can you possibly be so coherent and funny at a time of day starting with 6am? Impressed. Ali x

  2. I don't think the clock & I were in the same time zone! Must fix that. It was more like 11.42pm, -although still a time when I should've been asleep.