Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ten on Tuesday: Tea & Emergency Baths

1. A visit to Alder Hey found that Westboy has glue ear, which has recently cleared in one ear, but is causing (hopefully temporary) deafness on the other side. It was quite a shock, as I had no concerns about his hearing and had only arranged the appointment because it seemed sensible to rule-out hearing problems. It's kind of revolutionary to realise that when he ignores what I'm asking him to do, it may actually be that he can't hear me. Yikes!

2. ....So I was particularly unhappy with the woman who 'helpfully' held the gate open for him, so he could exit the playground the day we found this out! Yelling not much use when the child can't hear you. I had to catch up with him, carrying Westbaby, before he registered I was there. Grrr!

3. We're doing a dairy experiment at the moment, introducing a little bit of milk into Westbaby's diet... ...and so far, it seems to be ok! Hurray!!! He's teething & had a high temperature over the weekend, so he's not exactly happy, but it doesn't seem to be dairy related.

4. ...And that means that I had my first cup of tea in over a year!!! I'd been looking forward to it so so much, craving a decent cuppa for weeks, but in the end it just tasted wrong. I simply couldn't drink it. So I'm back on the black tea, until I've re-educated my taste buds. (Cheese & chocolate are good though. Mmmmm!!!)

5. This was good to read in the middle of a sunny few days, while those "eek-I-don't-look-how-I-want-to-look" thoughts were shouting pretty loud.

6. When it's one of our birthdays, I hide cards & presents somewhere safe if they arrive before "the day". This includes hiding things from myself if it's my birthday approaching. It makes perfect sense to me, but my husband finds it totally irrational and it's caused problems in the past... like the time that he didn't see the present arrive from his parents because I'd hidden it and he thought they'd forgotten his birthday, or when he hid presents from my friends to me so well that he couldn't find them again.

7. The sunshine this week has meant lots of time playing in the back yard. Whatever toys and activities I set up, "playing in the back yard" inevitably ends up as playing with MUD. So there have also been several impromptu baths in the yard :-)

8. The hot weather and lack of sleep had been making me feel breathless and overwhelmed, so this advice on how to breathe in a breathless world was a welcome read.

9. I loved this, about the new 'Crumbs' chickens. It reminded me of our favourite chickens.

10. Ending with a bit of Rend Collective Experiment...

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Have a great week!

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  1. A lovely 10 ! hope westtboys ear clears up very quickly x x