Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Two on Tuesday

...'Cos something's better than nothing :-)

1. Towards the end of the bank holiday, when food was running low in our house, I found that I had 9 strawberries, a lemon, and two-thirds of a pot of Greek yoghurt with honey, which was precisely what I needed to make this lemon & strawberry frozen yoghurt. (Dairy re-introduction going well).

2. Westboy put a toilet seat over his head. It had to be cut off him. Discipline's difficult when you're crying with laughter.

Linking up with the Ten-on-Tuesday crowd: Sarah, Jo, Lucy, Hannah, Esther & Laura.


  1. Nathan was two on Tuesday (that's yesterday, isn't it?!?).

    You didn't cut his head off, did you? I'm a bit worried... :-S


  2. the toilet seat thing made me laugh out loud. I love that you took a photo too !!! he he gotta love little kids :)