Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ten on Tuesday: communication difficulties, mostly!

1. We've just had a beautiful week in Devon, staying with Granny & Gramps (Tom's parents).

2. My phone stopped working while we were there. I had been thinking that I ought to cut down my time on Facebook and suchlike (eek), but was unimpressed to have an unexpected media fast forced on me.

3. My phone was also my camera, diary, notebook, shopping list, satnav, address book, and much more besides. Too many eggs in one basket. Ouch.

4. I've borrowed an old mobile, so can at least send and receive calls and texts now.

5. We've decided that Westboy is going to have an extra year at preschool, and then go to the Christian Fellowship School. (We decided this several weeks ago, but I hadn't put it on here, so am including that for anyone who was wondering...!).

6. It's such a relief to have made a decision, and to feel like the 'pressure' is off. I hadn't expected to take this route, but am very happy with it.

7. Westboy's having a hearing aid fitted this week. Tests just before our holiday showed that he has permanent hearing loss in one ear. It was a shock, but I reckon it explains a lot about his speech, development and behaviour. I'd been bracing myself for a big grief reaction (or something?!) when we went away and had time to process the information, but I actually just feel excited that he'll be able to hear sounds that he currently can't hear (& hopefully pronounce them too, in time).

8. Nana & Grandad (my parents) have moved to Cheshire, and we had a wonderful first visit to their new house yesterday. It's so good to have them living closer :-)

9. I'm tired. Blood tests were fine though, so it isn't my thyroid medication or iron levels. Just life.

10. The cars are still there. Nothing suspicious on the database. grrr! Useful to know about the 101 number though! Thanks for the tips.

Well, that was a bit of a serious Ten, sorry everyone! More Tuesday-bullet-point-blogging may be available at the blogs of SarahJoLucyHannahEsther & Laura.

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