Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A very speedy ten on a slightly hassled Tuesday...

1. Bullet point blogging. Awesome. I'm too tired to fully form thoughts & blog posts. And sentences too, it seems.

2. I had a lovely 45 minute web chat with my brother in Brisbane at 3am last night, so maybe being up with insomniac babies does have advantages...???

3. Westboy has started saying "I'm very tidy". What he means is "I'm very tired". Yes, I'm very tidy too.

4. Me: "It's Mummy and Daddy's anniversary on Sunday. Seven years ago we got married". Westboy: "Oh no!"

5. ...And I spent it puking. Annual expensive-dinner-out thoroughly derailed.

6. I'd really hoped to get my Etsy shop up and running over the weekend, but due to '5' it didn't happen. Hopefully sometime this week I'll get it all sorted.

7. It's the last Inspired@Oomoo craft evening before Christmas this Saturday (26th November). 6-9pm at the lovely Oomoo cafe on Smithdown Road. A wonderfully chilled way to get some present shopping done and spend time drinking coffee & eating cake with friends.

8. I bought a pack of mini Weetabix last week. I'm sure it's partly because I love their current tv ad. A family are eating breakfast together, comparing what the day has in store for them. Boy. Dad. Toddler. (Why's Mum left out??? I think I have a Mums-are-underrated complex). Anyway, I've started mentally editing my days into the Weetabix format.

9. I'm a clothes hoarder. I've recently lost some weight, so I've been delving into the back of my wardrobe and have discovered a whole load of clothes that I'd forgotten about. It's great! Like going shopping without spending any money.

10. This is amazing (both for the scarf-wearing inspiration, and the editing)


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