Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ten on Tuesday: puddle-jumping, pants & playdough

Here's a late ten...

1. Westboy's off nursery for Easter holidays this week, and for the first time since we entered the world of school terms (admittedly only last summer) there is no pressure to do potty training. Because it's done. Hurray!!! (I've been a little wary to say it, but Westboy's doing brilliantly, so I'm daring to put it on here).

2. Westbaby's celebration of his big brother's success.... (clean pants, I assure you!)

3. I imagine that dinosaur-shaped sandwiches must be the 3-year-old equivalent to a beautifully presented plate of gourmet food.

4. Westbaby has started interrupting his bedtime feed, putting his hands either side of my face, and kissing me. It's adorable. Sometimes it doesn't quite work out and he burps in my face instead. Boys eh?!

5. The littlest West cousins on a Skype call to Granny & Gramps.

6. I'm wondering what rest & 'sabbath' look like when you're running round after small children?

7. This article described something they've labeled "Nature Deficit Disorder". I wholeheartedly agree that children should experience and learn about nature. How that plays out in our current environment isn't entirely straightforward... Our outside space is 3x5 metres of concrete, with a few pots. I recently found that a rat had curled up and died in one pot (luckily it'd decomposed to a skeleton by the time I found it. I considered including a photo, but am resisting). Is this what they mean by nature??? We go to a park most days, but I sometimes feel that we're more likely to discover dog poo & broken glass than nature, so that's only marginally a better option. So, um, any suggestions?!

8. Puddle-jumping in Sefton Park (maybe this counts?)

9. I made chocolate playdough to create 'gardens' in creche on Sunday (the theme was Gethsemane, so it kind of fitted...). We enjoyed playing with the leftovers at home. Admittedly it looks a bit gross, but it smells AMAZING.

10. My husband had the awesome privilege of filming this life-changing moment. Such a lovely couple, such a romantic proposal, Congratulations Mike & Danielle!!!

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Have a great week!


  1. Westbaby's fingers look like his Uncle David's...a budding musician there I think.

  2. Chocolate play dough sounds fun :)