Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ten on Tuesday: Journalling addiction & herb theft

1. I received a tip-off that After Eight mints were dairy-free. Upon investigating I found that butterfat had been added to the recipe. Hmph. However, the Asda equivalent actually are dairy-free (as well as being cheaper and not-Nestle). So while everyone else is eating Easter eggs I may well be found working my way through boxes of Asda dark chocolate mint thins & Tesco value bourbon biscuits.

2. This morning I found my 14-month-old cleaning the skirting board with a baby wipe. This is very definitely not something he's seen me doing, but will be encouraged :-)

3. Hayfever has hit. While everyone else was enjoying the sunshine over the weekend, I was sniffing and sneezing. (And walking through fields of daffodils and budding trees. Probably not a great idea). Hopefully the medication will start to work in the next couple of days (by which time it will predictably be normal cold March weather again). (These drug information factsheets are incredibly useful for breastfeeding mums, as pretty much every medicine says you mustn't take it, whether it's true or not).

4. I have a tiny rosemary plant/twig in a pot in my yard, which isn't able to keep up with the demands of my cooking. So I've started picking some from the huge healthy plants outside Westboy's nursery. It feels kind of sneaky, and I always wait until noone else is around, so this is my blog-confession-time. A couple of sprigs have sprouted roots since bringing them home, and are doing well in pots, so there's hope that my herb-thieving ways might eventually end.

5. The boys gave me the 'RollerJournal' App for Mother's Day. It randomly selects questions to prompt journal writing, and is billed as "a new and addictive journalling experience". I've figured out what's addictive about it: It feels like someone's interested in what I'm rambling on about. It asks "What are you looking forward to?" I answer. I click "Another question". It says " If you could be anywhere right now where would you be?" I answer. I click "Another question". It says "What are you worried about?" I think "aw, thanks for asking...". I realise I am being sucked in by its unconditional positive regard...

6. Here's Ed Sheeran

7. I'm enjoying the NHS Choices 'Behind the Headlines' website, for the 'unspun' version of health research (without having to plough through the original research papers). A useful reminder of how often the health research that appears in the headlines is wildly inaccurate and misleading.

8. I love this list of What Mums Want. My top 3 are Going to the toilet ON MY OWN, a weekend of sleep, and drive through everything :-)

9. I've felt a bit cornered lately in terms of what I can cook for my family... Westbaby can't eat dairy or anything acidic (such as tomatoes), Westboy is going through a randomly fussy phase: won't eat anything with sauce on it, many vegetables, and most meat, Tom isn't a fan of pulses or vegetarian meals, I'm also dairy-free and would prefer to eat 'better' meat less often, ...while all within a tight budget and without cooking four different meals. This article resonated with our current situation, and this one reassures me that we're doing okay and it'll work out in the end.

10. Having fun in the mini-sandpit in our yard...

Oh, and if you didn't see it last night, watch "Chaplains: Angels of Mersey" to see James Harding, his lovely family, and the St James in the City team. There are 5 more episodes left, at 8pm on Mondays, on BBC2.

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Have a great week!

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  1. loved the link about the picky eaters conundrum. Willow is going through a really picky phase, so this is handy to read :)