Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ten on Tuesday: It's a Numtum day...

After a week of pear & almond cake, pear & ginger muffins, pears, eggs, & more pears, (and poorly feverish children, -probably not pear-related) I'm back with another ten:

1. Bored in Ikea... (well yes, it was me that was bored, but so were they... I think. Anyway, turning packaging materials into a race track solved the problem).

2. I have a beautiful friend who comes round every Wednesday evening, has tea with us, helps to bath the boys and get them ready for bed (they love her bathtimes), and then cleans the kitchen and polishes the hob. I am indeed very blessed!
3. I made this nest necklace for my lovely Mum's birthday. 

4. Yesterday Westboy said "You're a milky cow" to me. I know it sounds bad, but he really seemed to mean it affectionately. I reckon his reasoning is that Westbaby feeds on milk from me, and he knows that milk comes from cows. So put the two together and it's not illogical that mummy is a cow....

5. This made me laugh and cry. I keep thinking that I should try writing a five-minute-friday post, but it scares me & I really don't think I can write without editing.

6. And from the same blog... I'm not great at getting places on time, and having two little ones to get ready adds extra complexity to something I already find difficult. If I'm tired (which is usually) and rushing (which is often), little things become big problems and I end up frustrated and fraught. This was a good reminder to keep some perspective when we're trying to get out of the house to a deadline.

7. The Lost Nap reappeared while the Westboy was ill. I think it's time to get rid of it again now, unfortunately.

8. Anyone want to make a ukulele from an iPad and iPhone??? Well, now you can...

9. We've started doing a Hanen course at the local SureStart centre. It's a bit random, but will hopefully help with Westboy's speech problems. I thought it was rather ironic that in the first session we learnt about "tuning-in" to our children and following their lead, while they screamed in the creche down the corridor.... Anywaaaay, it looks like it'll be good overall. This article (produced by the Hanen centre) summarises the evidence on children's books. (Interestingly, Westbaby's longstanding favourite book is this one that's illustrated with colour photos of pets).

10. Why-oh-why have CBeebies put Tree Fu Tom and Waybaloo in the hour leading up to tea, when a bit of telly would be so useful....??? (Magic, levitation, crystals and weirdness, in case you aren't a 'beebies watcher). On the plus-side, Octonauts has made giving Westboy an inhaler (with spacer and mask) so much easier (we pretend that it's Octonaut breathing apparatus), and Numtums is fabulous. I was tempted to do a ten consisting entirely of Numtums episodes, but I think that might've been cheating....  here's number 10.

Have a great week! Check what the other ten-on-tuesday-ers have written (Sarah, Jo, Lucy, Hannah & Britgirl), & maybe Lyn and Laura (go on!) :-)

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