Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ten on Tuesday: In Pictures

So it's Tuesday again, but I'm too sleepy to write, so here's my ten in pictures...

1. Pie. Sweet potato, red onion, spinach, goat's cheese (in the non-dairy-free half), thyme, cumin & roast garlic. Even my carnivorous husband approved.

2. Bird watching/spying on the neighbours.

3. Hand washing

4. Hand holding

5. Mother's Day breakfast in bed...

6. ...and flowers...

7. ...and lovely framed photos of my boys.

8. Felt coasters for our Mums

9. Marmalade cake (with icing, rather than chocolate)

10. Playing in the park

Linking up with the other ten-on-tuesday-ers: Sarah, Jo, Lucy, Hannah, & Laura .
Have a great week! 

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